i2Pros and Cons Plugin

The only marked WordPress plugin compatible with THE NEW EDITOR, Gutenberg.

Features List

Bringing your way an exciting WordPress plugin’ cutting down manual coding procedures, minimizing time duration and maximizing productivity.

10+ Premium Templates

Beautifully developed, more than 10 templates and the number still proceeds. Play around with your favorite ones and YES! You may also add more than 1 professional template embedded into a single blog post.

User Friendly Interface

Easily operated by a beginner or even a noob in the field of Information Technology. The delicately designed interface might work out to be your future best partner!

Includes a Settings Panel

Giving you more authority over your blog posts editing to customize them the way you want. You can even get your hands over the Plugin’s customization by reaching out to the Settings Panel included herein.

Amazon Affiliated Button

Call to action button, to increase your CTR and maximize your sales. Easy reach to the product your site casted an impression on. AND AMAZINGLY; This button can be modified.

Compatible with PC, Tablets, Phones

Being highly responsive, won’t be even a bit of problematic whether you’re through your phone, PC or a tablet.

Involves No coding AT ALL

Everything here works like an automated function. Pre-defined coding cuts down the time needed for manual coding. You don’t even need the short codes by your side.

Attractive features inside

Offering 50+ icons with the pros and cons to make your blog post more attractive. A title option bar is also included making it more clear for the readers.

One click Pros and Cons addition

Apart from offering unlimited fields for the addition of pros and cons, Just add them up in a single box; this plugin would automatically do the rest for you!

The defined WordPress Pros & Cons Table Plugin

Going with the trends, with the premium features assurance’ catching the eyes of all the Amazon Bloggers around! CREATE. DISPLAY. RULE.
Why is everyone reaching out to I2Pros and cons table plugin?Fresh bloggers, startup founders and web designers
love I2Pros & Cons Table!Why is it so? Check out below!

Works around with 10+ professional templates

You don’t need a web designer to set up your blog page. I2Pros and cons table plugin is going to do the work for you. Choose from a wide set of exciting templates; ALL READY MADE.
With the settings panel embedded , you can choose to make desired customization to the table. 50+ icons included to make your pros and cons table look more attractive than it ever was. The title option bar is going to cast an impression on your readers about your clear-cut content writing.

Adds up unlimited fields with one click

Created with the functionality to reduce 50% of your time spent on setting up the article. All you need to do is to add up all the pros onto on single box, and the cons onto another box.
I2Pros and cons table plugin would automatically create the bullet fields for you making it easy for your reader to go through. Whether you are to create big tabular data reviews or short summarized review tables,  I2Pros and cons table is going to serve you with the best!

Boosts your earning, Call to Action Button

Securing the latest features, I2Pros and cons table plugin is offering you Amazon Affiliated Button to convert your readers into customers with a single click only.
This Amazon Affiliated button can ultimately increase your click through rates and hence maximize your sales. You can definitely choose to customize this button whatever way you like it to be; changing the font type, size and borders.

Adjustable Interface, PC, Phones and Tablets

In a rush but need to get a post done? Not at all a problem if you have I2Pros and cons table plugin by your side.
Runs super smoothly on phones and tablets, with 100% response rate and heavy compatibility. Add up, edit, upload and view easily from the device you have got the hold of. So lacking a desktop or a laptop at times is no more a problem for the bloggers now!

About Us

Back then in 2015, when I was a newbie in the world of bloggers, there was no particular software that could work great with minimum set up. I and my team decided to set up our own distinct plugin that could induce no burden on site (102 Kbs only) but minimize the time duration spent on setting up an article. Cutting down the lengthy manual coding procedures and moving towards more of an automated setup, to rather utilize the same time in quality content research.
Our mission to primarily divert your focus onto the story you share, and for that i2Pros and cons plugin has been introduced to take your productivity to a whole of another level. It is simple and easy so that you can get along with it once you have it. Providing you the freedom to create and display, latest powerful features have been embedded inside; the most marked one being the 10+ premium templates offered.
i2Pros and cons plugin works along with the New Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 update, which no other plugin so far does. Welcoming you into the world of inclusive advancements with cutting edge technology particularly for the Amazon Affiliated Bloggers. To help you reach your destination, and then drive through the road of success a whole plot has been defined by the i2Pros and cons plugin that won’t bother you much after once you have finished writing the story for your blog page.
So what are you waiting for? Create your next blog story, Display it using i2Pros and cons table plugin, and Rule over the blogging era!
Happy Blogging!
Founder- i2Pros and Cons plugin.



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